Warren Buffett Would Rather Own Stocks Than Bonds

By on July 26, 2009

Warren Buffett, in an interview regarding his new cartoon character, said he would much rather own stocks with the Dow at 9,000 than long bonds or a continuously rolling investment in short term instruments. He added that he wasn’t making a short-term prediction, but implied that waiting for the economy to turn up to invest in stocks was a mistake.

Buffett expressed confidence in Ben Bernanke as Fed chairman, saying there was no better man for the job. Buffett was not confident in the prospects of the U. S. dollar predicting that it would buy a lot less 10 years from now.

Buffett said the debt level was not a problem yet, making reference to the World War II level of 120% to GDP, but that running large deficits year in and out could cause problems down the road.

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