The Cure Might be Worse Than the Disease

By on March 22, 2020

LiferaftThe Atlantic article Why the Coronavirus Has Been So Successful:


The immune system fights back and attacks the virus; this is what causes inflammation and fever. But in extreme cases, the immune system goes berserk, causing more damage than the actual virus. For example, blood vessels might open up to allow defensive cells to reach the site of an infection; that’s great, but if the vessels become too leaky, the lungs fill even more with fluid. These damaging overreactions are called cytokine storms.

The quote from the illuminating article above is relevant to our current situation; in that the cure to end this virus (societal shutdown), might be worse than the disease. If the government sends our society into a second Great Depression (or worse), there might be more human suffering and death than we could imagine from SARS-CoV-2.

I’m still researching this.

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