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  • Marc Faber Gloom Boom Doom Report
    Marc Faber’s Latest Market Views

    Gloom, Boom & Doom Report Editor Marc Faber was interviewed on Fox Business regarding his outlook for the markets (see video below). When asked how long stocks can go up in a poor economy, Faber stated as...

    • Posted September 11, 2012
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  • Mohamed El-Erian PIMCO
    Mohamed El-Erian Weighs in on the Jobs Report and QE3

    Chief executive officer and co-chief investment officer of PIMCO Mohamed El-Erian told Bloomberg’s Betty Liu and Dominic Chu today’s weak jobs report makes it almost certain the Fed will engage in QE3. El-Erian pointed out the 3-month...

    • Posted September 7, 2012
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  • Jeffrey Kleintop LPL Financial
    Jeffrey Kleintop: Gold and Oil Are Buys on Renewed Chinese Growth

    Jeffrey Kleintop, chief financial strategist at LPL Financial and author of Market Evolution: How to Profit in Today’s Changing Financial Markets, still thinks it’s to early to get into stocks.  So said Kleintop in an interview on...

    • Posted June 11, 2012
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  • Harry Dent - HS Dent
    Harry Dent Says the Next Crisis Could Be Put Off Until Next Year

    CNBC’s Rick Santelli interviewed Harry Dent yesterday regarding his expectations for the stock market and Federal Reserve actions. Dent, founder of H.S. Dent, is the author of several books including The Great Crash Ahead: Strategies for a...

    • Posted April 5, 2012
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  • Marc Faber - Boom, Gloom and Doom Report
    Marc Faber: Japanese Stocks May Outperform

    Bloomberg’s Betty Liu interviewed Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom report, regarding his market outlook. Faber provided a synopsis of what has occurred over the past year. He said he would be very careful...

    • Posted April 2, 2012
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  • Templeton Asia Growth Fund Allocation
    Mark Mobius Doesn’t See Double-Dip in Global Economy Coming

    Franklin Templeton’s Mark Mobius was interviewed regarding his views on the current investment landscape by CNBC and Reuters Insider. Mobius felt there wouldn’t be a double-dip recession because of his interpretation of what Ben Bernanke recently said....

    • Posted August 12, 2011
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  • Marc Faber Says Market Extremely Oversold, Expect Bounce

    Marc Faber said markets are normally volatile and most investors aren’t accustomed to the movements we’ve seen recently. He doesn’t consider this a major sell-off yet, but there will be a snapback rally of 40-50 points on...

    • Posted August 5, 2011
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  • The Curious Case of Harry Dent

    The prognostications of Harry Dent (author of several successful books) have been chronicled here sporadically over the years.  After some initial success, Dent made some outlandish predictions that missed the mark by a wide margin.  Back in 2006 he claimed...

    • Posted July 13, 2011
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