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  • Futures Slammed as Dubai Debts Weigh on World Markets and Dollar

    The country of Dubai rattled world markets today as its mad spending spree has led to a major debt scare. Dubai, with debts thought to be $60 billion, has asked to postpone repayments until May. That stoked...

    • Posted November 27, 2009
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  • Meredith Whitney Hasn’t Been as Bearish in a Year

    CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo interviewed Meredith Whitney on Monday in which she made some bearish observations. She said there has never been this level of consumer credit contraction ever; including the Great Depression. She added that $1.5 trillion...

    • Posted November 19, 2009
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  • Doug Kass Expands on his Bearishness

    Doug Kass mentioned being bearish a couple of weeks ago. On August 26th, Kass wrote an article posted at the in which he pinpoints 10 factors which will pose problems for the bulls. Cost cuts are...

    • Posted August 30, 2009
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  • Harry Dent, "stimulus programs will be short-lived"

    Harry Dent was recently interviewed by Achal Mehra of Little India about what he sees ahead. Dent predicts a massive worldwide bubble continuing to burst into 2012 or so. Dent sees the Dow possibly reaching 11,300 this...

    • Posted August 20, 2009
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  • Doug Kass Summarizes His Bearishness

    Doug Kass argues that the bulls have it all wrong, in that this cycle is different than ones in the past (1970’s and 1980’s). According to Kass, there is a limited life for fiscal stimulus and corporate...

    • Posted August 14, 2009
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  • Doug Kass Presents 20 Surprises for 2009

    Doug Kass has been much more accurate than the average forecaster over the past couple of years. We’ll see if he can keep it up with his 20 surprises for 2009: 1. The Russian mafia and Russian...

    • Posted December 31, 2008
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  • Marc Faber on Bloomberg: U.S. Government Bonds…Last Shoe to Drop

    Today Marc Faber said, “the next shoe to drop is more in the real economy, in corporate profits, in commercial real estate.” Faber went on to say that, “one asset class after another has now gone down...

    • Posted October 13, 2008
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  • Observations & Commentary

    The market weakened considerably, with the Dow getting as low as 11,508 intra-day on January 22, 2008, 10 trading days ago. Of course, since then we’ve seen the fed panic and drop rates 125 basis points and...

    • Posted February 3, 2008
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  • Prediction Results – Bob Doll, Jim Rogers, Gary Kaltbaum, Alexis Glick

    Click on spreadsheet for larger image: There are lots of predictions to report results on which will be done from time to time here. (Note: these results do not encompass all the predictions the pundits may have...

    • Posted January 26, 2008
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