Putting the Current Bull Market in Perspective

By on August 12, 2013

Zero Hedge posted a chart a few days ago which shows the number of trading days and percentage gains in bull markets since 1900. Also included is a bubble which indicates the average gain per trading day. The data comes from Stone & McCarthy Research Associates.

According to Zero Hedge:

At 4.4 years old, the post-March 2009 rally is already older than both the post-World War II and post-1900 bull market averages of 4.2 years and 3.5 years, respectively. In addition, the Dow’s 136% rally off of the March 2009 low close now exceeds the post-World War II average of +128%, and falls just shy of the post-1900 average of +141%.

Bull Markets Length and Gain

Source: Zero Hedge

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