Prediction Results

By on February 23, 2008

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Observed is more evidence of the dismal forecasting abilities of the pundits and sellers of financial advice when one actually goes back and looks at the results. They seem to have an inability to grasp the severity of the issues with the credit markets and declining real estate values. Bob Froehlich has been consistently bullish which is usually a safe bet when you realize that the market goes up over 60% of the time, but sometimes you will be dead wrong, as he has been over the past year. Gary B. Smith, advertised as a great market technician, has done his best to prove over the past year that technical analysis can be lumped in with palm reading and fortune telling. Ben Stein has been incredibly wrong about anything related to the stock market or any market for that matter, and should probably stick to hosting game shows and the like. Ken Fisher supposedly has a great track record. He probably gets about 60% of his calls right since he is always bullish. Someone please tell Fisher that the market doesn’t always go up.

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