Prediction Results – Bob Doll, Jim Rogers, Gary Kaltbaum, Alexis Glick

By on January 26, 2008

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There are lots of predictions to report results on which will be done from time to time here. (Note: these results do not encompass all the predictions the pundits may have made. They are simply ones this blog writer happened to see or hear in the mainstream media and made note of.)
Back in August, Alexis Glick was strongly bullish on stocks and bearish on oil which was not accurate at all. Likewise, Robert Doll was bullish on the second half of the year and it ended up flat.
The best predictions were made by Jim Rogers and Gary Kaltbaum. Rogers got two sectors right by being bearish on investment banks and housing which both badly under-performed the market. Gary Kaltbaum was dead right about commercial real estate with his pick of the Ultrashort Real Estate ETF which represented a double short on perhaps the worst sector of the year, REITs.

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