Mary Ann Bartels Explains The Thesis of the Secular Bull

By on January 7, 2018

Mary Ann Bartels - Bank of AmericaMary Ann Bartels, Chief Investment Officer at Bank of America – Merrill Lynch, was interviewed by Barron’s magazine and explained why the bond market will support global equity valuations and a continuing bull market.

Bartels said 10 year interest rates would need to get above 3% before they would become a hinderance to equity valuations. With retirees looking for income, the search will lead to the U. S. equity market, Bartels explained.

Bartels stated equities have broken out of their trading range and entered a secular bull market. The NASDAQ broke out into a secular bull market in 2016, she added.

Bartels said while interest rates are on the rise they shouldn’t derail the economy. Interest rates in the U. S. are high relative to the developed world, Bartels explained.

Bartels’ firms research on interest rates indicates they are the lowest in recorded history going back to 3,000 BC. which will effect the longevity of risk assets.

Bartels considers emerging markets the most reasonably priced equities in the world and in the early stages of a cyclical recovery which could possibly last five years.

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