Mark Mobius is Cautious on Recovery

By on April 17, 2020

Mobius Capital PartnersMark Mobius, globe trotting emerging markets guru for Mobius Capital Partners, was interviewed by CNBC’s Joe Kernen this morning.

Mobius said the upcoming hit to earnings was not properly reflected in share prices. Nevertheless, we’ve been starting to buy, Mobius said. However, he’s maintaining some cash because the rebound has been too fast and he expects another correction. “So we’ve got to keep some powder dry, let’s put it that way,” Mobius added.

Mobius said a lot of companies are going to go under and he’s been telling his analysts to look at the balance sheets and Z-scores very, very carefully.

As far as how long it will take the world economy to come back, Mobius thought it would be a year because lockdowns will continue in places. It varies from one country to another, he added.

Mark Mobius on why he expects another market correction from CNBC.

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