Jim Paulsen and Jeffrey Kleintop on World Economic Bounce and Greece

By on June 15, 2015

Jim Paulsen - Wells Capital ManagementJim Paulsen, Wells Capital Management, and Jeffrey Kleintop, Charles Schwab, provided their views on the global economy and Greece today on CNBC. Paulsen sees economic activity benefiting from lower energy costs and lower sovereign bond yields throughout the world.

Paulsen stated we’re seeing it in the U. S. via housing numbers, job growth, and better retail sales numbers, while emerging gains are being observed in the Eurozone. “We may be at the front of a global bounce and maybe a synchronized global bounce,” Paulsen added.

Whether the growth would result in interest rate increases would not so much be up to the Federal Reserve, but more related to the market, Paulsen explained.

Jeff Kleintop commented on Greece and said the outcome of talks could be very negative for the country, but largely contained.

Back in April 2014, Paulsen said economic growth would lead the market higher [link].

In June 2012, Kleintop said gold and oil were buys on renewed Chinese growth [link].

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