Jeff Saut Bullish on Prospects for Stocks in 2018

By on December 30, 2017

Jeff Saut - Raymond JamesJeff Saut, chief investment strategist at Raymond James, was on CNBC Wednesday commenting on prospects for stocks in 2018.

Saut, who said his top sector picks are technology and financials (which will have the wind at its back), was correctly bullish on stocks in 2017. In late September, he stated the current bull market likely has about six to eight years left to run.

“I would expect 2018 to be an almost repeat of 2017,” said Saut. “People are still way underinvested. Earnings are starting to come in better than expected. And with the tax reform, and especially the corporate tax cuts, I think earnings are going to continue to surprise on the upside.”

CNBC host Mike Santoli challenged the notion that investors had low stock exposure. Saut replied, “The professional investors are all in for the most part, but the individual investor is not all in, at least as we see it here.”

Back in August 2016, Saut said the stock market was transitioning to an earnings driven market [link].

Strategist: I’d expect 2018 to ‘almost’ repeat 2017’s record stock market rally from CNBC.

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