iShares Silver Mining ETF Increased

By on January 12, 2021

Silver Mining ETFWith interest rates creeping up and the US Dollar Index making a stand, the precious metals complex has been under pressure. Therefore I’ve increased the allocation to the iShares MSCI Global Silver Miners ETF (SLVP) over the past week.

On January 8th, I raised the position in SLVP by 10% at $17.25 and today increased it by an additional 2% at $16.70 using available cash. The cash position in the SMA portfolio is now zero.

With the new administration committed to a “green” future, which will be metals intensive, silver should find support in the coming decade. Electric vehicles, solar panels and batteries require a substantial future investment in metals mining.

This video highlights the bullish fundamentals surrounding silver.

Disclaimer: It is very challenging to outperform a buy and hold strategy. Historically, investors have found themselves well-served over the long-term by investing regularly in a diversified portfolio of individual securities or low cost, broadly diversified index funds. Past performance has no relation to future performance. Profitable trades are not guaranteed. No system or methodology ensures stock market profits. Although accuracy is strived for, no guarantee is made regarding the accuracy of data presented.

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