Bob Doll Provides Predictions for 2010

By on January 7, 2010

Like Byron Wien, Bob Doll, BlackRock Vice Chairman, was very accurate in forecasting what would happen in 2009. Doll tries his luck again with 12 predictions for 2010:

-S&P 500 probable level of 1250

-Sees emerging markets outperform developed markets

-Sees U.S. outperforming other developed markets

-Sees possible earnings growth of 20% Plus

-U.S. economy grows at an above trend 3%

-Job growth turns positive early in the year but unemployment remains high

-Sees inflation as a non-issue

-Expects rates to rise at all points on Treasury curve including Fed funds

-Stocks outperform cash and treasuries

-Likes health care, tech and telecom — Underweights financials utilities and materials

-Merger activity picks up due to strong cash flow and slow growth

-GOP makes gains in House and Senate but Democrats continue to control Congress

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