Warren Buffett Finds Some European Stocks Attractive

By on November 23, 2011

Warren Buffett - Berkshire HathawayAmid all the negativity regarding Europe, Warren Buffett, arguably the greatest investor of all time, voiced his opinion that there are several European stocks he’s interested in. The virtues of Europe were highlighted at this site back in September (link).

Buffett said there was one specific stock, which he wouldn’t identify, that we’ll be buying on a continual basis over the coming months.

Buffett said it was on the record that purchases of Tesco had been made and they would buy more if the price declined further.

Buffett could think of about a dozen stocks in Europe that were attractive, but he wouldn’t name them.

Although he believes certain stocks hold value, Buffett was not optimistic on the future of the Euro zone indicating there was some doubt in his mind that it would continue to survive.

Buffett proved his fallibility in 2007 when he took a stake in Bank of America before its historic collapse (link).

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