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  • S&P 500 - Moving Averages
    Weak BLS Jobs Report Hits Stocks

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported a weaker than expected jobs report this morning. An excerpt from the report: Nonfarm payroll employment rose by 115,000 in April, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 8.1...

    • Posted May 4, 2012
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  • Jobs Report Weakness

    U. S. non-farm payrolls growth was non-existent as the much anticipated number showed zero jobs added for August. Some economists expected 100,000 new jobs. The unemployment rate was stuck at 9.1%. The dismal payrolls data release dropped...

    • Posted September 2, 2011
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  • David Rosenberg: 12 Reasons Unemployment to Get Much Worse

    James Pethokoukis, in a politically inspired post at Reuters, cites David Rosenberg’s glum forecast for the economy and employment. Rosenberg sees unemployment hitting 12% or higher. Below is what Pethokoukis gleaned from Rosenberg’s latest report (bold is...

    • Posted November 16, 2009
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  • Bad Jobs Report….Again

    Unemployment in this recession is the highest in 26 years. The economy is still losing jobs at a rate of over 2 million annually, and the unemployment rate is above 10%. Yesterday’s report was worse than expected,...

    • Posted November 7, 2009
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  • Employment Picture Bleak

    Peter Goodman, reporting for the N.Y. Times, points out that job seekers outnumber openings six to one; which is the worst ratio since the government began tracking open positions in 2000. During the last recession, in 2001,...

    • Posted September 28, 2009
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  • Doug Kass Says the Next Big Move Will Be Down

    Doug Kass says the stock market is ahead of the real economy and we’re in a danger zone. Kass believes the unemployment rate will range from 9-11 percent for two to three years. Kass said he has...

    • Posted June 11, 2009
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  • David Rosenberg Pegs the Real Unemployment Rate at 13.9%

    There is one word that describes this and it is “UGLY:” Source: ***

    • Posted February 10, 2009
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  • Nouriel Roubini Revises Estimate of Losses

    In an article posted at John Mauldin’s Investors Insight, Nouriel Roubini and Elisa Parisi-Capone state, “we have now revised our estimates and we now expect that total loan losses for loans originated by U.S. financial institutions will...

    • Posted January 31, 2009
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  • Opinions: Vitaliy Katsenelson and Gary Shilling

    As reported by the Denver Post, some well-known market observers continue to express bearish views: “Stocks overall, even after the decline, are not cheap. They are trading at 18 or 19 times forward earnings,” said Vitaliy Katsenelson,...

    • Posted November 12, 2008
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  • Mutual Fund Management – An Extreme Waste of Talent

    Originally published in July 1998: INDEXES ON 6/30/98 DJIA 8,952.02 S&P 500 1,133.84 NASDAQ 1,894.75 STOCKS ARE OVERPRICED! THEY ARE NOT GOOD BUYS RIGHT NOW! THIS IS A MANIA! Why have I turned into a shouting bear?...

    • Posted September 15, 2006
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