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  • Ralph Acampora - Altaira Investment Solutions
    Ralph Acampora on Why the Bull Market Will Forge Much Higher

    Speaking to CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo yesterday, Altaira Limited’s Senior Managing Director and long-time stock market technician and guru Ralph Acampora explained why he was so bullish on the prospects for equities. Acampora said we could see the...

    • Posted May 4, 2013
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  • Ken Fisher: The Debt Issue Isn’t Really a Crisis

    Maria Bartiromo interviewed Ken Fisher yesterday who likened talk of the debt issue to “jaw jacking.”  A little clarification: to “jaw jack” is generally defined as saying a lot about something without saying anything. Fisher indicated current...

    • Posted July 21, 2011
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  • sector rotation model
    The Business Cycle and Sector Rotation

    Studies of stock market history have shown a strong tendency for the market to follow a four year pattern of expansion and contraction.  This phenomenon has been linked to a strong correlation with the presidential election cycle.  Typically about two thirds of the...

    • Posted April 18, 2011
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