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  • Leuthold and Dale Interview
    Steve Leuthold and Darius Dale: Profiting from Inflation

    Hedgeye senior macro analyst Darius Dale and Leuthold Strategic CEO Steve Leuthold discussed how investors can profit from emerging inflation with Fox Business News host Liz Claman.

    • Posted June 21, 2014
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  • Michael Belkin - Belkin Report
    Michael Belkin’s Trade of the Year

    Michael Belkin, author of The Belkin Report and former vice president at Salomon Brothers' equity department, was on CNBC Friday providing his investment outlook for the rest of 2014.

    • Posted March 23, 2014
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  • Charles Nenner Technical Analysis
    Charles Nenner Sees Stocks Topping Out This Year

    Renowned technical analyst Charles Nenner, founder and president of the Charles Nenner Research Center, was interviewed recently by John Bachman and predicted the current correction would last until the middle of February.

    • Posted February 4, 2014
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  • Charles Nenner Research Center
    Charles Nenner: U. S. Headed for Bad Recession

    Newsmax interviewed renowned technical analyst Charles Nenner, founder and president of the Charles Nenner Research Center a few days ago.

    • Posted August 21, 2013
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  • Peter Schiff - Europacific Capital
    Peter Schiff Launches Gold Fund and Sees Gains Ahead

    Liz Claman of Fox News interviewed Peter Schiff who just launched a gold fund.

    • Posted July 23, 2013
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  • John Paulson - Paulson and Company
    John Paulson on the Future of Gold and Housing

    John Paulson, the hedge fund manager made famous by capitalizing enormously on housing's collapse, was interviewed yesterday by Carl Quintanilla at CNBC‘s “Delivering Alpha” conference. It was supposedly Paulson's first TV interview.

    • Posted July 18, 2013
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  • Ben Bernanke - Federal Reserve Chairman
    Ben Bernanke Accommodation Statement Sends Futures Soaring

    Several weeks ago Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke sent bond markets around the world reeling when he indicated a possible tapering of bond purchases in the coming year. This, in turn, caused a sizable sell-off in the...

    • Posted July 11, 2013
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  • S&P 500 Support and Resistance
    Investing Links of Interest – July 3, 2013

    Lawrence C. McMillan, of McMillan Analysis Corp., utilizes technical analysis to divine the future of the market. He doesn’t see the bull market continuing until the S&P 500 pushes through the 1,630 level and explains why. Excerpt:...

    • Posted July 3, 2013
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  • Suki Coper - Barclays Precious Metals Analyst
    Barclay’s Precious Metals Analyst Suki Cooper Speculates on Silver and Gold Future

    With precious metals in virtual free-fall Bloomberg solicited the views of Barclay’s precious metals analyst Suki Cooper as to the fundamentals behind these markets. Regarding silver, Cooper said it is drawn between its industrial and precious metals...

    • Posted June 26, 2013
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  • Marc Faber - Gloom Boom and Doom Report
    Marc Faber Discusses China’s Colossal Credit Bubble

    Marc Faber was live from Monaco this morning commenting on the current state of the markets with CNBC’s Louisa Bojesen. When asked by the host whether concerns regarding the Chinese system are legitimate since they are such...

    • Posted June 25, 2013
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