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  • Steven Leuthold is Buying Gold

    The Wall Street Journal via Commodity Trade Alert reports that several mutual funds have begun buying gold to protect their investors from a currency devaluation. Amongst these new gold bulls is Steve Leuthold. “I didn’t own gold...

    • Posted December 17, 2009
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  • Consumers Overspent

    Originally published in February 1999: INDEXES ON 1/29/99 DJIA 9,358.83 S&P 500 1,279.64 NASDAQ 2,505.89 Editorial In the past I’ve concentrated on the positives of the U.S. economy. These include the low inflation rate due to a...

    • Posted October 9, 2006
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  • Mutual Fund Management – An Extreme Waste of Talent

    Originally published in July 1998: INDEXES ON 6/30/98 DJIA 8,952.02 S&P 500 1,133.84 NASDAQ 1,894.75 STOCKS ARE OVERPRICED! THEY ARE NOT GOOD BUYS RIGHT NOW! THIS IS A MANIA! Why have I turned into a shouting bear?...

    • Posted September 15, 2006
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