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  • Antero Midstream
    Antero Midstream Added to the SMA Portfolio

    Antero Midstream Corporation (AM) was added to the SMA Portfolio today at a price of $7.

    • Posted October 4, 2019
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  • Inexpensive Country ETF CAPE basis
    A Value Investor’s Potential Opportunity in Country ETFs

    A couple of weeks ago financial writer Brett Arends wrote an article featured at Marketwatch highlighting what he referred to as "the 8 cheapest stock markets in the world."

    • Posted February 25, 2014
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  • PLND EPOL Relative Performance
    Poland’s Stock Market is Temptingly Cheap

    Trading at bargain PE of less than 7, with yields averaging over 5%, Poland’s stock market has caught the eye of value investors. Jack Hough at SmartMoney says Poland’s discount to other European equities is partly attributable...

    • Posted June 7, 2012
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  • Big Cap Tech Appears Cheap

    Mike Santoli of Barrons recently commented on whether large cap technology stocks (HPQ, IBM, INTC, MSFT, ORCL) are truly inexpensive. What once was one of the most expensive sectors of the market has become amongst the cheapest...

    • Posted August 12, 2010
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  • Net/Net Retailers Gain 146% in a Year

    Last year, the blog Cheap Stocks highlighted 12 retail stocks trading below net current asset value. The average gain on those stocks a year later is 146%. The biggest gainer was a holding we’ve had here in...

    • Posted February 12, 2010
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  • Roger Nusbaum, Scott Barbee and Andrew Lapthorne on the Dwindling Values Left

    The half-year bull market in stocks has made values harder to come by, but there are still some traditionally cheap stocks left. The investment bank Societe Generale’s global quantitative strategist, Andrew Lapthorne, ran a tough “Benjamin Graham-like”...

    • Posted August 29, 2009
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  • Views of Bob Doll "The Trillion Dollar Man"

    . Yesterday on CNBC, Bob Doll, Vice Chairman and Global CIO, Blackrock, expressed his current “take” on the market: “nibbling on financials” “correction is a rolling process and will take a long time” “we’ve been adding to...

    • Posted July 26, 2008
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  • Stocks NOT a Bargain

    Originally published in June 1999: INDEXES ON 5/28/99 DJIA 10,559.74 S&P 500 1,301.84 NASDAQ 2,470.52 Editorial Despite the recent market weakness, overall, stocks are still no bargains. It will take a lot more than a measly 7%...

    • Posted October 17, 2006
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