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  • Option Grants Embezzle Investor Wealth Gradually

    Brett Arends, financial reporter for The Wall Street Journal, has written an article regarding the dismal dividend yields offered by stocks currently.  Arends proceeds to debunk one of the myths justifying the pathetic yields; that stock buybacks...

    • Posted January 7, 2011
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  • A Skeptic’s Take on the Market

    Just when nearly everyone is bullish on the market, leave it to The Wall Street Journal’s Brett Arends to throw cold water on the party.  Actually, he lays out a pretty good case against a continued bullish run. ...

    • Posted December 31, 2010
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  • Stocks May Be Safer Than Bonds at this Point

    Brett Arends of The Wall Street Journal thinks investors are crazy. He reasons that bond yields currently can’t compete with stock yields, but investors keep shoveling money into bonds. Arends uses Wal-Mart as a prime example: Take...

    • Posted October 26, 2010
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  • Successful Investing is Simple, But it isn’t Easy

    Brett Arends highlights a study by TrimTabs Investment Research showing investors buy high and sell low. A remarkable new study from TrimTabs Investment Research shows that regular investors needlessly lost billions more than they should have on...

    • Posted September 30, 2010
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  • 10 Market Truisms and the Reality

    Brett Arends from The Wall Street Journal exposes 10 myths perpetrated by sellers of financial advice. They range from “It’s a stock picker’s market,” to “Investing in the stock market lets you participate in the growth of...

    • Posted July 26, 2010
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  • Market Seers Forecast Pain

    Brett Arends, writing for the Wall Street Journal, recently penned an article highlighting the concerns of several money managers including Seth Klarman, John Hussman, and Ron Muhlenkamp. Arends takes their views and looks at bear markets over...

    • Posted June 1, 2010
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  • Goldman Sachs is Nothing Special at Managing Money

    Brett Arends reports on Goldman Sachs mutual funds which sock investors with high fees and mediocre to poor performance: Goldman investors have also suffered from mediocre performance at many funds. Goldman likes to think it has the...

    • Posted May 1, 2010
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  • Will the Healthcare Bill Wreck the Economy?

    Brett Arends of The Wall Street Journal attempts to answer the question of the impact of socialized medicine on economic prosperity: Socialism, or social democracy, or whatever else you want to call it, doesn’t seem to have...

    • Posted March 20, 2010
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  • Closed-End Fund Discounts Have Narrowed

    Brett Arends reports that discounts on closed-end funds have narrowed significantly; from a very abnormal 26% last fall to the current average of 4.5%. Thomas Herzfeld who specializes in finding attractive closed-end funds rates the following as...

    • Posted June 18, 2009
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  • Jeremy Siegel and Jeremy Grantham are Now Close to Agreement

    Jeremy Grantham was correctly bearish when he debated the valuations of stocks with Jeremy Siegel two years ago. Brett Arends points out the two are seeing eye to eye these days as Grantham has said stocks are...

    • Posted February 28, 2009
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