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  • Alan Greenspan - Federal Reserve
    Alan Greenspan: Stock Prices are a Major Factor in Economic Activity

    Alan Greenspan was on CNBC with Maria Bartiromo yesterday commenting on the odds of the sequestration, or automatic government spending cuts, occurring in a couple of weeks (March 1st deadline), and what effect it would have on...

    • Posted February 16, 2013
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  • Harry Dent - H. S. Dent
    Harry Dent: S&P 500 to Drop 30-50% This Year

    Author and newsletter writer Harry Dent was on Bloomberg with his latest views regarding the outlook for the economy and stock market for 2012. Dent said the only good leading indicator is demographics which he has been...

    • Posted January 5, 2012
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  • The Baby Boomer Catch 22

    Mark Whitehouse, of The Wall Street Journal, has written a very interesting article regarding the plight of many of the baby boomers. Census Bureau statistics show that older Americans cut back on expenditures of most things except...

    • Posted August 17, 2010
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  • Demographically We’re Turning Into Japan

    The Mad Hedge Fund Trader says demographics give us an edge over most investors. If demographics is destiny, then Americas outlook sucks. Brace yourself. We are turning into Japan. As a silver tsunami of 80 million baby...

    • Posted April 13, 2010
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  • Mutual Fund Management – An Extreme Waste of Talent

    Originally published in July 1998: INDEXES ON 6/30/98 DJIA 8,952.02 S&P 500 1,133.84 NASDAQ 1,894.75 STOCKS ARE OVERPRICED! THEY ARE NOT GOOD BUYS RIGHT NOW! THIS IS A MANIA! Why have I turned into a shouting bear?...

    • Posted September 15, 2006
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  • Stock Picks for the "Baby Boomer Effect"

    Originally published in April 1997: At last some volatility….the fuel of timing systems has been a long time coming. I’m happy to report this downdraft gave the Tactical Timing System a buy signal. Don’t expect the tough...

    • Posted July 27, 2006
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  • How Long Can This Go On?

    Originally published on: December 15, 1996 The past week was a tumultuous one for the markets. Any time you get 100 Dow point moves in either direction, it is a little unsettling. That is, until you see...

    • Posted May 18, 2006
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