Sorkin’s Series of Interviews with Ray Dalio

By on September 21, 2012

Ray Dalio - Bridgewater AssociatesCNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin interviewed successful hedge fund manager Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates in a series that aired today.

Dalio discusses QE3 which he considers a good plan and not radically different from easing interest rates. He also comments on the U. S. dollar which he sees losing short-term in the “ugly contest” with the yen and euro. Dalio also makes comparisons between the dollar and emerging markets currencies and gold.

Dalio discusses his biggest worry about the global economy. He worries about the ability to manage the economy, social disruption and another leg down. Dalio mentions how Hitler came to power during the depths of the Great Depression. Dalio also talks about gold and believes Warren Buffett is making a big mistake by avoiding it because it protects investors in a fiat money system.

Dalio on the scary risks of an economic downturn:

Dalio talks about U. S. competitiveness:

Dalio briefly discusses China where he sees growth at 6 percent.

Dalio shares his view on Europe and the managed deflationary Depression he forecasts will last 10-15 years. Dalio expects the Euro to stay together. If there is a breakup, Dalio feels it will be the northern Europeans that leave the union. Bridgewater’s investment returns are featured in the video:

Dalio talks about his investment process in which he applies a template with rules regarding what is likely to occur given a set of circumstances. He mentions most investors are reactive with a short-term focus.

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