Roubini, Gross, Shiller, Bair, Rogers, Train, Whitney and Ross Provide Opinions in Fortune

By on December 11, 2008

Some excerpts:

Nouriel Roubini believes we’ll have the worst recession in 50 years and it will last through at least 2009. Unemployment will hit 9%. Home prices will bottom out 15% lower in 2010. Roubini says to avoid stocks and commodities.

Bill Gross feels the most lucrative pockets of value may be in high-quality corporate bonds and preferred stocks of banks and financial institutions that have partnered with the government in programs such as the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP).

Robert Shiller believes our confidence has been damaged and will be difficult to restore. He also states the stock market could easily fall by half from here.

Jim Rogers says commodities are the only asset class where the fundamentals haven’t been impaired. Rogers indicated he was investing in agricultural commodities and Chinese and Taiwanese stocks. He’s also selling long-term U. S. government bonds short.

Meredith Whitney thinks the economy will be worse than people expect.

Wilbur Ross touted the virtues of tax-exempt bonds yielding around 6% and TIPS.

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