Pump and Dumper Tobin Smith Canned by Clueless Fox News

By on July 14, 2013

Mike Norman - Mike Norman Economics After 14 years on Fox Business News the woefully inept Tobin Smith was finally terminated by Fox News. If you happen to enter ‘Tobin Smith’ in the search block above you’ll be witness to the wrongheaded advice of this miscreant. That he has avoided time in the slammer for his recent shenanigans is a testament to the inadequacies of our justice system.

Mike Norman (photo left), a former Fox guest and no gem of an advice giver, posted a Youtube video (see below) where he gleefully gloats about Smith’s woes and takes a shot at Peter Schiff. In Norman’s defense, he does call out the financial industry for what it truly is; a den of thieves.

I recently received a flyer in the mail from Smith where he touted a garbage penny stock called Petrosonic (PSON) and quickly scuttled it to the round file where it belonged.

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  1. zombified

    July 16, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    Was’nt Mike Norman the dude who is infamous for making fun of Schiff when he said a collapse was imminent about 5 years ago? Its immortalizeda on youtubespike somewhere.

    He has a lot of gall.

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