Predictions – Gary B. Smith, Bob Froehlich, Charles Biderman, Harry Dent

By on October 1, 2006

Date | Dow | Bull/Bear | Predictor | Organization

12/31/06, 10,800, Bull, Gary B.,Smith, Fox News Show, “Will start out weak, down 3-4 % in January, will explode from there” “The market will definitely be up big next year, it’s gonna happen, up 25% – positive for the year”

1/7/06, 11,000, Bull, Bob Froehlich, Fox News Show, “13,500 on the Dow this year”

2/10/06, 10,919, Bull, Charles Biderman, Trim Tabs Research, Mkt. up 20% next 6 mos., consumers take home up 10% Y.O.Y., lots of cash on sidelines.

2/21/06, 11,115, Bull, Harry Dent, Predicts the Dow Jones industrials will soar “as high as 14,000 to 15,000″ by August. And by mid-to-late 2010, he sees this average climbing to somewhere between 32,000 and 40,000. As for the tech-laden Nasdaq Composite, Dent is a much bigger bull. By late 2009, he sees it peaking at about 13,000, roughly six times its current level.

5/20/06, 11,144, Bear, Smith, Gary B., Fox News Show, “Dow will fall another 5 %”

5/20/06, 11,144, Rogers, Jim, Fox News Show, Still selling short housing stocks (ref: $HGX is at 232.45), buying int’l airlines

5/20/06, 11,144, Bradshaw, Fox News Show, Buying housing stocks (ref: $HGX is at 232.45)

9/24/06, 11,508, Bull, Bob Froehlich, Fox News Show, Markets up 10% before year-end

9/24/06, 11,508, Bear, Fred Hickey, High Tech Strategist Expecting the market to crash.

9/30/06, 11,679, Bull, Tobin Smith, Fox News Show, The S&P 500 will be up by 15 % by January 15, 2007.

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