Predictions through 4/26/08

By on April 27, 2008

On April 26th, Gary B. Smith “the chartman,” Exemplar Capital, a panelist on Fox Business News, stated that McDonalds‘ (MCD, 59.67) chart was “what you want a long-term buy to look like…it just broke back, tested support…stock could easily double in the next few years.” Pat Dorsey, Morningstar, had a different view stating, “leave it to Gary to pick the only restaurant stock that is not cheap.” Smith also felt gold was “dead,” recommending the DB Gold Double Short ETN (DZZ, 29.31) because the fed will be on “inflation watch” the second half of this year.

Pat Dorsey recommended Fuel-Tech (FTEK, 24.51) stating, “it’s a wonderful little business, we actually met with management earlier this week, they have some proprietary technologies that make coal plants more fuel efficient and cleaner”, “they are selling to China right now which is going to be an amazing story for them…the stock is possibly a double from here.”

Tobin Smith,, recommended Zoltek (ZOLT, 27.30), “makes those gigantic arms for the wind power” “selling to GE…all the big players.” Smith also picked Veolia (VE, 73.57) saying one of the biggest drivers of the food shortage was water, “75% of the water in China is used for crops and a huge amount of that is polluted.” “This stock is going to be up 40-50% in a year.”

Scott Bleier,, recommended Himax Tech (HIMX, 4.85), “its a tiny little Taiwanese semiconductor company that makes chips for flat panel displays…its selling at 7 times earnings, it has a 4% yield, and China and Taiwan are getting more friendly…I think this is a double.” Bleier also picked Savvis (SVVS, 19.24), “up 50% this year.”

Peter Schiff, Europacific Capital, touted Penn West Energy Trust (PWE, 31.05), “this was one of the natural gas Canadian trusts that got clobbered when gas prices were low…the stock got cheap and picked up a couple of its competitors very cheap”, “I think its a $40 stock…its got a 13% yield, so I think within a year you can make about 50% on it.” Schiff also recommended the UltraShort Consumer Services ProShares (SCC, 87.17), “Next year you’re going to see surging apparel prices…its all because of the inflation the fed is creating.”

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