Predictions through 4/25/08

By on April 27, 2008

On April 25th, Nouriel Roubini, NYU Economist, stated, “still of the view this will be a much more severe and protracted recession….possibly as much as 6 quarters (long).”

On April 25th, Dr. Hans Black, Interinvest, recommended:

  • Schering Plough (SGP, 18.64), “management is superb,” “one of the best values in the large pharma area.”
  • Sirf Technology Holdings (SIRF, 5.37), “very interesting company with a lot of technology”, one of the largest producers of GPS chips”, “growth of GPS is going to be huge.”
  • Affymetrix (AFFX, 10.68), “a leader in the technology that’s used to analyze DNA.”
  • Novell (NOVL, 6.46), “may get bought out,” “good balance sheet…lot of cash,” “earnings have been coming in better than expected.”

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