Predictions – Hilary Kramer, Charles Payne, Peter Schiff

By on April 18, 2008

On April 16th, Hilary Kramer recommended Allied Irish Banks (AIB, 42.24) touting the virtues of its “7.5% yield” and “clean balance sheet” and because they, “own the Irish market.” Ms. Kramer also thought highly of Chicago Bridge and Iron (CBI, 43.43) adding they were a “big player in LNG” which is “growing phenomenally.” She believed the shares would go “back to $63.” Ms. Kramer claimed that Veolia Environment (VE, 70.25) looked promising with their, “3.5% dividend…26 contracts in China.” She believed VE, “should be back to the $95-100 region.”

On April 12th, Charles Payne recommended Big Lots (BIG, 21.27) claiming that they had “great earnings trends.” He also felt that tax refunds would be spent at BIG. Mr. Payne also had high regards for LDK Solar (LDK, 32.35) which he believed would be up a minimum of 40% over the next year.

On April 12th, Peter Schiff touted Alumina (AWC, 20.16) stating, “stocks going a lot higher….good value….4% yield.” Mr. Schiff also recommended buying the Gold ETF (GLD, 91.30), because he felt gold, “could be at $1,200 by the end of the year.” He added that gold would be, “much higher after that….$5,000, maybe more,” which brought some skeptical looks.

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