Predictions – Bob Froehlich, Joseph Battipaglia, Pat Dorsey, Tobin Smith

By on October 8, 2007

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A recent round of predictions from Fox Business News block on Saturday is indicative of the current euphoria. Except for Joe Battipaglia, the panelists willing to go out on a limb and make an actual prediction are generally optimistic about the current state of affairs (which I feel, in the end, will be proven wrong). Bob Froehlich has been pretty accurate in his assessments so far and remains bullish. Pat Dorsey doesn’t come out with a number for a future index level, but by saying the Dow is 8% undervalued, I’ll assume he means it should be that much higher soon. Tobin Smith, prone to hyperbole, is willing to ride the bubble in China (I’m sure with tight stops, that might, or might not, allow him to get out near the highs).

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