Predictions – Julian Robertson, Elaine Garzarelli, Gary B. Smith

By on October 20, 2007

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A recent compilation of predictions reveals some very divergent views. Pat Dorsey must think financials are a good place to be if he thinks Legg Mason will rise nearly 50%. A caveat: Dorsey picked Countrywide (CFC) August 11th as a great stock and it has since dropped over 40%. Gary B. Smith seems to have gone off the deep end by believing that Toll Brothers will double before the end of the year. Elaine Garzarelli must reside in a dream world if she thinks we are at the bottom of the corporate profits cycle when profit margins are at all-time highs. I stand in agreement with Julian Robertson in believing that we are in big trouble right now. Robertson has been in the business a long time and experienced a lot of blow-ups, including his own which drove him out of the investment business for a time.

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