Predictions – Bob Froehlich, Charles Payne, Mark Leibovit, Tobin Smith

By on November 24, 2007

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Predictions compiled a few weeks ago demonstrate the pundits on television are generally upbeat. Tobin Smith has been quite bullish and tends to jump on bandwagons, which will get him in trouble when the inevitable bear market ensues in force. Charles Payne has also been a bull and must not believe a recession is on the horizon if he thinks oil will hit $150 a barrel in the next 2-3 years. I would place low odds on oil reaching that peak in the next 10 years. The housing collapse is going to be a significant drag on the economy in the years to come. Both Mark Leibovit and Bob Froehlich like 15,000 on the Dow, which may come to pass if Bernanke keeps printing money like there’s no tomorrow. Bernanke won’t publicly come out and say it, but he is extremely worried about the economy and will probably cut rates again next month.

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