More Year-end Predictions

By on January 12, 2008

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Included are some recent predictions from commentators on the Fox News Business block shows on Saturday morning. As always, buyer beware.

Wayne Rogers (yes, the actor), picks BE Aerospace for 2008. It looks like an especially dangerous stock trading near its all-time high, although the balance sheet is healthy. Its certainly not something I would look at right now.

Gary B. Smith, “The Chartman,” likes Bank of America, which I find preplexing for a technician to recommend. The financials haven’t shown any sign of bottoming in my book, although the valuations are now enticing. Smith has been on a huge losing streak lately as far as his stock picks go and this looks to be another one. Note: I did purchase Citigroup at $26.50 and Fifth Third Bank at $22.85 this week in my discretionary account.

Tobin Smith, not related to Gary Smith, seems to gravitate towards momentum plays and that hasn’t changed with his pick of Emcore, which was trading near a 5-year high a couple of weeks ago. According to Yahoo! Emcore operates in two segments, Fiber Optics and Photovoltaics. Tech stocks have been extremely weak lately, so maybe this one will be a good buy at some point in the near future.

Bob Froehlich, still smarting from his Dow 15K by the end of 2007 proclamation, likes Monsanto for 2008. It has been a huge momentum stock over the past 5 years and is basically an extension of the bull market in agricultural commodities now in place. Trading at 50 times earnings there is absolutely no room for an earnings miss here.

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