Market Seers Forecast Pain

By on June 1, 2010

Brett Arends, writing for the Wall Street Journal, recently penned an article highlighting the concerns of several money managers including Seth Klarman, John Hussman, and Ron Muhlenkamp. Arends takes their views and looks at bear markets over the past century to gauge where we may be heading. It doesn’t make for pleasant reading for those with a bullish bias as long-term trends have a tendency to trap the unsuspecting with false moves and hope.

SMA Comment: The article takes an interesting look at historical precendent and the comments from readers give a glimpse at the mindset of the general investing public. Several readers call the piece “fluff” and are so offended that the Wall Street Journal would run such an article lacking important “research” value that they consider canceling their subscription a reasonable response.

These blowhards don’t realize that a sense of history may be the most important competency an investor can possess to avoid the madness of crowds.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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