Mark Mobius: Valuations Look Very Attractive

By on August 5, 2011

Mark Mobius, foreign investing guru, is of the opinion that the Indian share market will outperform other emerging markets. In an interview by The Economic Times, Mobius said India has a tremendous future over the long term.  Regarding the current market turmoil Mobius doesn’t believe the correction will get too deep.

Regarding gold, Mobius feels it is not in a bubble.  He thinks it provides an alternative to shaky currencies.  Mobius further stated:

And the interesting thing is that central banks around the world are now adding gold which is another wrinkle to this whole equation. If you remember not too long ago, central banks were actually disposing off their gold at much lower prices than they are now buying it back. So you have seen a sea change in the mentality of not only investors, but central banks around the world.

He considers the prospects for emerging markets to be particularly bright.  He considered equities the best investment over the long term due to their ability to hedge against inflation.

Source: The Economic Times

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