Mark Mobius’ Top 10 Investment Tips

By on July 15, 2009

Mark Mobius has 10 investments tips for investors. They are all good advice:

1. Keep an eye on value

2. Don’t follow the herd

3. Be patient

4. Dripfeed your money into the market

5. Examine your own situation and your appetite for risk

6. Diversify your portfolio

7. Don’t listen to your friends or neighbours when it comes to making investment decisions

8. Don’t believe everything you read in newspapers, because things tend to be exaggerated

9. Go into emerging markets because that is where the growth is

10. Look at countries where populations are relatively young

SMA Comment: Investors are presented an excellent opportunity every 4-5 years to pick up investments cheap. We’ve just come through one of those periods. Now investors should be patient and not sell prematurely.




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