Laszlo Birinyi Says S&P 500 Could Hit 3,200

By on August 5, 2015

Birinyi AssociatesLaszlo Birinyi was on CNBC this week providing a bullish forecast for stock prices. Birinyi said his study of history indicates the bull market could continue for two more years.

Regarding naysayers who would say the market was overpriced, Birinyi stated he’s heard it all before and gave specific examples.

Birinyi indicated investors were too focused on earnings while they should be concentrating on earnings, revenue, guidance, and sales.

Back in January 2013, Birinyi said we were entering the end phase of the bull market where stocks do very, very well [link].

In the second video below, Birinyi discusses his current stock picks which include Berkshire Hathaway A shares, Visa, and Blackstone.

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