Ken Fisher Provides a Universal, but Little Known Fact

By on February 3, 2009

In the latest Forbes magazine, Ken Fisher indicates that one of the laws of the market is that stocks that hold up well in the beginning of a bear market, but lag badly in the latter stages, will lead in the bull market (and for a long time).

Fisher recommends the following 8 stocks:

Cameron International (CAM)
Royal Dutch (RDS-B)
Dow Chemical (DOW)
CNH Global (CNH)
Textron (TXT)
Arcelor Mittal (MT)
Mohawk Industries (MHK)
Daimler AG (DAI)



  1. Anonymous

    June 1, 2009 at 5:44 pm

    Right. If Ken Fisher (and Fisher Investments) had any clue at all, and were to be respected as anything but a self-serving perma-bull, he would have made at least one correct prediction regarding market direction in the last two years. According to cxoadvisory dot com, he has NOT. And his performance for his clients fails in the longer term to even meet his own benchmark. Why does anyone pay this guy, other than because of his over the top marketing program?

  2. stocksystm

    June 2, 2009 at 3:11 am

    I know someone who recently received a sales pitch from a Fisher Investments representative. He said they charge a management fee of 1.5% a year. This is way too high from someone who didn’t see the problems which would eventually torpedo the market; which were glaringly obvious a couple of years ago. Fisher did pick the bottom of the 2002-2003 bear market, but he demonstrated his incompetence by missing the worst bear market since the 1930’s. Every step down he declared a buying opportunity.

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