Jim Rogers: Roubini…Does Not Understand Markets

By on November 10, 2009

Wall St. Cheat Sheet has an interesting interview with legendary investor Jim Rogers, who begins by ranting about talk of a bubble in commodities by Nouriel Roubini or anyone else.

Rogers goes on to talk about the positive fundamentals for gold even though he prefers silver, cotton and coffee which he considers more depressed.

Rogers said he isn’t short anything, which is very unusual for him. He believes the massive amount of money being printed around the world has to go somewhere and shorting doesn’t make sense in this environment.



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  1. Mike

    November 23, 2009 at 5:49 pm

    this is a very interesting note on the dollar and gold as a result of the Federal Reserve's continued attempts to debase our currency and continue to try to solve a debt crisis with more debt: Gold Price Blasts to $1,170 as US Dollar Plummets

    here’s an excerpt: “The second proposal, sponsored by Representative Ron Paul of Texas, would allow Congress to audit the Federal Reserve. Again, without debating the merits of the proposal, reducing the Fed’s independence and giving Congress a more active role in monetary policy has the potential to make easy money a permanent fixture. With Congress a political body that is forced to run for re-election to keep their jobs, the pressure from constituents for benefits is unending. Their incentive to audit tighter policy, should that day ever come, would be much higher if their constituents back home are struggling and a more hawkish Fed emerges."

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