Jim Rogers: Greek Debt Crisis Will Result in Opportunity

By on September 10, 2011

Jim Rogers Investments CommoditiesIn CNBC’s Strategy Session Bob Pisani and David Faber interviewed Jim Rogers and discussed the Greek debt crisis.  Rogers said it was time to face reality and if you’re bankrupt, go bankrupt.  He added that a Greek bankruptcy would result in similar fates for Ireland, Spain, Italy and a few others.

Rogers indicated the euro would go down following the defaults and he would then buy all the euros he could.

If the economy gets better Rogers said he will do well with his commodity investments, however he is short stocks because he doesn’t expect the economy to get better. Part of the reason he cites is that China, India and Australia are raising interest rates in an effort to slow things down due to inflationary concerns.

Regarding the dollar, Rogers said the long-term forecast is “disaster…catastrophe.”  However, he is currently long the dollar because everyone, including himself is terribly pessimistic.

Rogers said Bernanke is in the market printing money and lying to us that he isn’t.

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