Jim Rogers Discusses His Latest Investment Moves

By on February 8, 2013

Jim Rogers - Investment BikerMaria Bartiromo interviewed infamous investor Jim Rogers on CNBC yesterday to get his perspective on the current economic situation and where investors could invest profitably (see series of videos below).

Rogers railed against the insanity of money printing going on around the world. He was specifically negative on the prospects for U. S. Treasury bonds and said he was finally making money on the short side.

One of two countries Rogers said he was bullish on was Russia as nobody likes it and it’s “terribly depressed,” but it’s changing:

Rogers provides his rationale for shorting long term U. S. Treasury bonds, along with being long the dollar:

Rogers makes the bullish case for Japan which has already made a nice move up:

Rogers on the insanity of money printing and upcoming influential elections:

Back in June 2012, Rogers said he was short European indexes, which would have been a losing trade through today [link].

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