Janet Tavakoli Exposes the Failures of Some Pundits

By on August 3, 2009

Janet Tavakoli, author of Dear Mr. Buffett: What An Investor Learns 1,269 Miles From Wall Street
, has taken issue with several pundits/gurus who lay claim to calling crises in advance, but whose timing is actually suspect. Specifically, Tavakoli calls out Meredith Whitney, Nassim Taleb, and Charlie Gasparino as examples of the sort who have, “claimed decorations for bravery they’ve never earned.”

Tavakoli points out Jim Rogers as someone who actually predicted the financial crisis sufficiently in advance for investors to actually profit from his prescience.




  1. Anonymous

    August 7, 2009 at 1:23 am

    Tavakoli makes colorful commentary on the industry and its pundits. She is sharp-tongued and cleverly critical in word as well. Her Buffett book is really not about Buffett, but a good thread to explain what has gone on in the derivatives markets. She has written a couple of very technical books on CDOs– good but inherently not big sellers—and the Buffett book–middling success but not NYTimes best seller kind of numbers based on its Amazon rankings. Does anyone know what her real business is? Being an unaffiliated critic doesn't pay any bills. She seems pretty smart and piped into the industry but I am unaware of who her consulting clients might be. Given her high visibility and slashing commentary I would be afraid to let her look at the books! Perhaps she runs a private investment fund— but she never makes any such claims or discloses ownership postions. What does she do?

  2. stocksystm

    August 7, 2009 at 2:26 am

    Ms. Tavakoli appears to be a consultant. This is her website:


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