Impressive Linkfest to 2010 Predictions and Forecasts

By on December 31, 2009

The Pragmatic Capitalist has compiled “THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO 2010 INVESTMENT PREDICTIONS AND OUTLOOKS.” It’s quite impressive and must have taken a bit of work to put together (click on the link to Pragmatic Capitalist to access).

Included are:

Wall Street Banks

■Goldman Sachs 2010 Investment Outlook
■Deutsche Bank 2010 Outlook
■Credit Suisse Is Cautious
■Morgan Stanley’s 2010 Outlook
■UBS 2010 Outlook
■RBC’s 2010 Outlook
■Saxo Bank’s Coming Black Swans
■2010 Outlook From Northern Trust
■Bank Of America/Merrill Lynch Is Bullish On 2010
■Prudential’s 2010 Investment Outlook
■PIMCO’s 2010 Outlook
■PFG Best’s Look Back And Ahead
■Wall Street Is Very Bullish About 2010

Hedge Funds & Investment Gurus

■Marc Faber’s 2010 Investment Outlook
■Jim Rogers Is Still Skeptical
■Hussman: 80% Chance Of A Market Plunge
■Boeckh Investments
■Sprott Asset Management: The Rally Is Fake
■ECRI: The Recovery Will Continue In 2010
■Comstock Is Still Bearish
■Jeff Saut Debates Todd Harrison
■TCW’s 2010 Outlook
■Biriyni’s 2010 Outlook
■Sam Stovall Is Cautiously Optimistic
■Steve Keen’s 2010 Investment Predictions
■Leuthold Turns More Cautious On 2010
■Robert Prechter: Stocks Will Fall In 2010
■David Tepper’s 2010 Outlook
■Richard Bernstein’s 10 for 2010
■20 for 2010 By Doug Kass
■2010 Outlook From ISI Group

Actionable Ideas, Alternative Assets & Potential Potholes

■RBC’s top trades for 2010
■How To Prep For An Uncertain 2010
■Goldman’s Top Trades For 2010
■Morgan Stanley’s Favorite Stocks
■JP Morgan’s Top Trades For 2010
■More Cost Cuts Could Help These 8 Firms
■10 Stocks For 2010
■Will 2010 Be 2004 All Over Again?
■Where To Invest In 2010
■What Does History Tell Us?
■The 5 biggest risks to 2010
■10 Themes For 2010
■The 10 Best ETF’s For 2010
■Gold Will “Super Spike” In 2010
■Gold Is In A Bubble And Could Crash
■The Housing Market Is Still In Trouble
■The Lumber Market Is Picking Up
■The U.S. Remains A Low Beta Investment
■Dividends Could Play A More Important Role In 2010
■Goldman’s 2010 Commodity Outlook

The Outlook Abroad

■JP Morgan Expects Emerging Markets To Rise 30%
■Nomura On China’s Positive Outlook
■Morgan Stanley Says Chinese Stocks Are Poised To Rally 30%
■Bank Of Canada Says Stocks Are Overvalued
■Ignore Brazil At Your Own Peril
■The 4 Reasons Emerging Markets Will Outperform


The Pragmatic Capitalist

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