Guru Performance 2008-2009

By on March 23, 2010 recently posted an interesting article on how 50 gurus performed during the recent bear market and subsequent recovery from the ashes. Number one on the list is Donald Yachtman with a positive return of 17.8 percent over the two years. Note: Yachtman has experienced several dismal multi-year periods over the past two decades, but has a much better than average long-term track record.

David Einhorn is second on the list with an overall return of 8.9 percent, and Warren Buffett ranks a high third with an 8.3 percent return in the book value of Berkshire-Hathaway.

Interestingly, Jeremy Grantham is in the middle of the pack with a -20.3 percent return despite forseeing the problems in overvalued assets worldwide and in every market.

In a familiar turn of events, one of the strongest performers in the years preceding the bear, Kenneth Heebner, performed horrendously with a -42.8 percent return over the past two year period. Hot money tends to run and Heebner was probably forced to sell to meet redemptions at the worst possible time.

SMA Comment: The SMA Portfolio would rank 18th on this list with a -11.0 percent return.

Source: Gurufocus

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