Gary Shilling: Things to Buy and Things to Sell

By on January 29, 2010

Gary Shilling recently provided his ideas on areas he would buy and those he would sell. At the source link below there is a fairly lengthy reasoning behind each idea.


1. Treasury Bonds

2. Income-Producing Securities

3. Consumer Staples and Foods

4. Small Luxuries

5. The Dollar

6. Eurodollar Futures


1. U.S. Stocks in General

2. Homebuilder and Selected Related Stocks

3. Selected Big-Ticket Consumer Discretionary Equities

4. Banks and Other Financial Institutions

5. Consumer Lenders’ Stocks

6. Many Low and Old Tech Capital Equipment Producers

7. If You Plan to Sell Your House, Second Home or Investment Houses Any Time Soon, Do So Yesterday

8. Junk Bonds

9. Commercial Real Estate

10. Most Commodities

11. Developing Country Stocks and Bonds

Source: The Big Picture

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