Fear Index Hits All-Time High

By on October 17, 2008

The Tactical Timing System Fear Index reached a peak of 10 today; the highest reading ever recorded. This reading is higher than the peak reading of 9 reached at the bottom of the last bear market on October 7, 2002.

There should be a substantial tradeable rally soon with so much fear and bearishness being exhibited by investors. Incredibly, over the weekend, Jim Cramer predicted the Dow could fall to 4,700 on Tuesday, 10/14.

There are always significant countertrend rallies in a bear market. We are likely to start one very soon. It is probably too soon to call an end to this bear market, since up to this point, it has been shorter than average and the issues that got us here could take years to resolve.

For investors who don’t believe we are headed back to the stone age, now appears to be an opportune time to pick up stocks at the most favorable valuations in years.
Marker: Dow 8,979

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