Dow Over 38,000 By 2025

By on October 1, 2010

Jeffrey A. Hirsch & Christopher Mistal of the Stock Traders Almanac have penned an attention getting piece entitled, “Next Super Boom — Dow 38820 By 2025 — Stocks Catch Up With Inflation, But First Inflation Catches Up With Government Spending.”

Regarding inflation they comment:

Inflation has not yet materialized and we are still “at war” with government spending on the rise. This has always led to massive jumps in inflation eventually. We expect that it will happen again over the next several years.

Hirsch and Mistal are looking for a five-fold move in stocks from the low of 2009. This is merely an annual return of about 9 percent per year over the next 16 years:

As markets and economies struggle over the next several years, remember to keep your eye on the future and get ready for the Next Super Boom and the next 500% move in the market. From the last bottom in 1974 it took eight years before the market really took off in 1982 and then another eight to move up the rest of the 500%, in line with Yale Hirsch’s prediction in 1976 for a 500% market move by 1990. A 500% rise in the Dow over 16 years from the intraday low of 6470 on March 6, 2009 would put the Dow at 38,820 in 2025.

Source: Stock Trader’s Almanac

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