Doug Fabian Says It’s a Great Time to be in Cash

By on August 26, 2011

Back on August 2nd Doug Fabian’s system generated a sell signal.  Basically a trend follower, Fabian went to an all cash position when the major averages fell below their 200-day moving average.  Fabian’s father, Dick, founded Fabian Wealth Strategies in 1977.

At Fabian is looking for another way to profit from the bear market he sees beginning.

Fabian is waiting for a good entry point into The Active Bear ETF (HDGE); possibly when Bernanke announces QE3.

Fabian’s system isn’t foolproof as it has been “whipsawed” several times in the past.  Fabian has also been known to second guess the signals given.

In this video, Fabian discusses his system in early August:

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