Byron Wien, “The Economy is Better Than the Numbers Show”

By on September 1, 2011

Byron Wien was interviewed by Larry Kudlow this week. He said real GDP numbers of 1% don’t make sense and real business is doing better than that. Wien added, “if earnings come through anywhere near what the analysts are predicting, stocks are really cheap.”

Larry Kudlow asked Wien what he believed the upside for the stock market was.

Wien responded by saying he thought the market could be up 10% from the beginning of the year. He added we would definitely see 1,300 on the S&P 500, and might even get to 1,400.

Wien said a crescendo of negative sentiment is what a market bottom is made of; which is what we observed in the past few weeks.

Dick Bove (bullish) and Michael Farr (bearish) shared their views.

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