An Alternative Take on Madoff

By on July 3, 2009

Dasan, Daily Market Journal of a Rogue Speculator, provides a very politically incorrect view of mega-ripoff-superstar Bernie Madoff. Dasan suggests that Madoff was not an evil psychopath, but weighed the pros and cons and made a rational decision when he decided to engage in the con of the millennium. Dasan writes that Madoff, “flipped the “inverse pyramid” most people endure, which is finally having money but being too old to enjoy it.”

Dasan also blames the victims, who by their own greed ignored the warning signs of unusual returns that were just too good to be true.

Dasan correctly points out that Madoff had lots of company including Stan O’ Neal of Merrill Lynch, Angelo Mozillo (Countrywide) and the looters at AIG, who arguably caused more damage to the financial system and economy than Madoff could ever accomplish.


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