Alan Greenspan Continues to Deflect Blame

By on July 9, 2010

The king mess-maker, Alan Greenspan, was interviewed at length on CNBC yesterday. He said we just experienced the greatest global financial crisis ever. He blamed it on inadequate bank capital and a lack of fraud prosecutions.

Greenspan is quite lucid for a man of his age and the interview is an interesting discussion, but he doesn’t broach the subject of his interest rate policy which was one of the primary contributing factors leading to the crisis.

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  1. George

    November 18, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    Greenspan is an imbecile. The housing bubble was largely due to him. Bernanke isn’t too bright either. He didn’t recognize the bubble either, or pretended he didn’t. These guys are just puppets for the powers that be.

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